When they did something entirely disobedient with their own minds. When they fed themselves from the tipsiest bottle of whiskey imagined BY “PHEW!!” TOO MANY… she’s

Indebted to herself, actually, and able to respond to all of these people as if: “they really weren’t even here anyway. They’ve developed a serious strain of taste for the utmost moments of utter automatic intervention.” We will

Stand and deliver the greatest unknown sermon to ANY MADLY DAFTEST OF MAN and produce the good-stuff to get ourselves jovially aforesaid Drunk on evening time bottles of unCONTROLLABLE FunK(!!) “what the **** was ever even happening when we ——-

dozed off inside of (our) mollycoddled minds and minded how it went

Into total reproduction {INSIDE OF OUT HEAD} anyway??” Answers questioned and scheming questions CONcocted… Yet a mother-*******GAIN. We’ve — opened our pen hand and RAAAAAAAN… into the damn downright dastardly aforesaid unknown.. “YET AGAIN!!” Even if it feels just like

A brand new JolT oF reprised Happiness to the HeAd. Like watching them build simultaneous sandcastles SIDE BY SIDE

And stamping on a kid’s delicate both dedicated dreams anyway