She fell from our boat, oh so saddening from the beginning right on through to the terrifyingly enveloping end
Dependent upon too many things that could, would, truth told most probably should only ever really go wrong, speaking from the outside looking on in, of course
Which, thank the Lord, I am now able to do
Left us entirely of our own frighteningly cumbersome devices
Paraplegic in so far as our minds ever cared to matter right then – trashed and, as the hours turned themselves absolutely the wrong way round, relatively splattered against each and every corner of what did seem to be our final home
A home for the most desperately longing people in the whole wide world right that very minute
But I would not quit!
I lost my wife, yet there was a baby at home awaiting Daddy’s eager return
Now more so than ever, and on both our parts, no perhaps
But when would this start to ever stop!?
Staring on into the eye of the perfect storm – WHY, OH WHY do they ever get to call it that!!? – I grip on tight, both to the sides of my boat as well as an utterly necessary imagination second-to-absolutely-none
I think of things which will somehow, anyhow, get me home
Three mammoth waves – which may as well have Halloween faces painted on – fail to crumble the very last seat which has somehow, anyhow. managed to tighten itself right round my frozen buttocks cheeks
I do begin to speak to the man above; asking… no, begging for him to offer me and my family this one final reprieve
And, as it stands, here I sit with my brand new son in soothing tow
While I stare on into the eyes of a juxtaposition storm, understanding completely that he never need know the truth of that God awful evening out there upon the unforgiving Atlantic ocean
When I step on up to warm his bottle, I sooner-than-soon come to realise this right here in front of me to be the real perfect storm
Dangerous and sometimes oh so lonely now, but this man far more than happy to be in it this particular time
This is for you, Sarah
Snared entirely, but my love is prepared to weather everything from now on in

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