They tend to spell their names backwards so as to endlessly entice these other peripheral people into a suddenly so VERY shockAbSoRbInG state

Of unOFFICIAL equilibrium! That sense… that… … thIs… … THING has ALL-OF-IT been…

A rather rare and Beautiful eye(SOAR); a monstrous round of… PaUsEd&Apologetic ApPlAuSe, perhaps.

But what we REALLY (appear to) have HERE is an additional adVANTAGE (UP)on their eager-eyed pART. Yet…

True TrUst IS… to fittingly trust Us- wholeheartedly all of the time and ENTIRELY none of the while.

“Time, please… pEoPlE!”

Because this aforeMENTIONED warring of wounded and, HENCEFORTH, WiNdED-UP inTELLigence WAS matter-of-fACT MEANT- –

to make the correct kinds of people f—e—e—l
less than blind SOMEtimes

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