Turned over in her grave, these blue daffodils seem to be all too piercingly suggestive
When everything starts to begin to make an entirely separate kind of sense altogether
Weathered by an utterly unkind storm – within this petrifying and utterly neglected soul
Left to rot for all of an eternity
She earned none of this
Ship set sail, push to shove snail-pace the only way to pay for their each and every sin
Left to it’s own shoddy devices – prepared to come back and haunt all over again
Splice the supposed pretty life right from one other once-upon-a-time human-being
Pristine underbelly, when a body gets manhandled by a rather rebellious nature
Stranger than fiction, dereliction about to manifest itself
Stephen king’s fingers dipped inside enticing yellow acid
Our kind of antacid
Hauntingly beautiful, about to quench this disaster-filled animosity all over again
Then she opened up her arms and stared on at these heavenly albeit at the exact same time ridiculously thunder-filled skies
She blind-folded herself for one reason and one reason only
Poisonous apple, ludicrous eye
My, oh my, when will it ever get to be safe again

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