And he breaks the studied and oh so goddamn steadied curtailment – all of the dastardly time

One step forever prepped and ready to go all over again …

This pen speaks indelibly, situated-to-locate itself rather unbelievably stressed amidst, these radiance-without-waiting break for the border boundaries –

We’ve been sittin’ ‘n’ sippin’ ‘n’ kissin’ … the nape of the other person’s everything, and all of it on a wing ‘n’ a subtly suggestive ‘prayer’

He will see to it that every single one of these penned in terrifically concentrated time anecdotes will undeniably amount … to all out rhyme gloriously intertwined by the inane aside permittedly intricated and flabbergasting ability … to adhere to this simple, single-most literary thing … termed by carefree he as unexplainably breakneck/speed fiction

Dereliction breathes any which way up, over .. and sometimes unspeakably/undeservedly bloodshed aghast asunder

Where broken people go to read … and flee the captor’s nasty grasp and breathe

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