She offers up a seemingly
carefree smile, anything but
All too devotedly willing to remain all kinds of pristine while drying her eloquent eyes right out – these days are trying at best, a thumping soliloquy chest with a pretty little bespoke ribbon on, pinned – to say that she has been here and done it all before
Where ever is the utterly notorious degree of genius truly stored
Longing, perhaps itching to occur – let it rip-roar if you must, so you do know the trust is otherworldly right about now
And we just have to ask, when will it take it wholly upon itself to pour once more
An incredibly resolute wordsmith pitted quite suggestively at present against her rather manic, oft pile-driven wits
Courageous, searching altogether avidly for what can in fact turn out to be seriously advantageous
Whip-smart and solemnly carrying a magical kind of sophomore memory with her to finally set her all too preposterously apart

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