To sit and pander amidst a thing or three

Namely, people- – – all of them settled to stroll of their each and very own unbeknownst accord

A trio of overactive, unbelievably imaginative individuals- – – and Hone. In. Sensational, If You Still Will

Please Be Oh So Kind

A decade never too late…

Appears to be, appears to We, that the mirror to the rather ponder-some soul just sits a little further up a yonder


A literary-pulsed, sentimental-She’s undeniably spelt-felt everything

When this perfect, poisonously prescribed pen tends to stealing from a certain someone’s something extra special indeed

Like an excruciatingly humble artist just must… earn a detrimentally burnt crust at impenetrable will

She bleeds these treasured words of hers ’til it equally hurts every single predisposed nobody on out there

Who never stood a chance in wildfire hell back on in – only ever the unreasonable sorts of which, so you do need to absolutely know

Soon as her floaty story so suddenly rolls to gather altogether rock-embedded moss of its motor-mind own

And rather gladly transforms itself to satisfactorily replicate her once-upon-a-cherished-childhood’s utterly dreamed for Reality