When we did all that we could
Should have tried a whole lot harder way back when – entirely dependent upon red wine and extravagantly placed cocktails altogether
A soothing cigarette to eloquently inform us of these all too copious degrees of mind-boggling regret
To desperately snail-pace our fair distasteful and outright derogatory way right on though
A few of you sure fell by the harrowing wayside, didn’t you just?
No such place to hide it out anymore
What ever was in store we could only seem to wait it out and see for now, entirely reliant upon utter dependency – these nights are oh so far from dry, so manically misplaced it really is quite unbelievable
We’re being despondent, aren’t we?
A dereliction all courtesy of this problematic and all-consuming addiction – our snake-like eyes have become magnetically fixated
When we didn’t know which way may just have been up
Silently seeking the rather perfectly instigated interruption
Longing to drop this bleeding needle, feed ourselves from a different cup of disdain, shift the burgeoning blame a little on down the chain of intricate deceit ’til our feet are trembling all over again
Getting by on an agonised wing and an unashamed prayer ’til absolutely slaying the whole damn thing, finally

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