When your weary face falls and your suggestions become in the utmost ignored
To a lonesome point of mind-bogglingly unsettled frustration – this has been fair glorious, thanks for asking thank you so extremely very much
Can you feel the sarcasm chastise my everything in so far as only ever you occur
I’m out of touch with that life perhaps, yet this peculiarised degree of inbuilt, -driven sentimentality has seemingly been ferociously well stored sizeably within
There is daft magic gone rapturously awry and, then, there is simply, quite tastefully Me once again
What now finally appears to be the Real creature altogether been meaning to breathe ’til it hurts his innermost lungs in a most delightfully instigated fashion quite imaginable …
Take it the fuck from us, he hatched a plan and Ran from these darkened demons of only ever his ’til but soldiers of dust in his rear view everything
He interviewed himself almost to a point of irreparable damage