She wore all of it, strapped and good to go
Resolute blue, always and forever of an NCAD day – spatterings of brilliance
Pay for your every artistic sin oh precious one
Bee-stung to within an inch, prepared to paint this city over, rope the whole damn thing right back together again
‘Til getting to wax crazed lyrical regards the kind of impression she might just like to make
Forsake all of these goddamn begrudgers
Remember rules? They were made to be broken…
Choke the good and the not so alarmingly obvious at first – hand them your heaven-sent thirst before quenching it entirely
Weather every single multi-coloured storm that you see
And, finally, be sure as sugar to warm your rather hardened cockles against the age-old heater up inside of your enticingly clapped out studio
All. Of. This. Food. For. Thought.
Sure didn’t you just manage to make me think… Now shrink right on back to your very next masterpiece, whilst I get to try and be your literary aside utterly left-of-centre preacher from here on in

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