All of them absolutely worthwhile
Harnessing fastidiously a fair affable smile, only ever if you so much as let it
And never, ever allow yourself to fall oh so far on out of touch… the interior as well as the exterior and feel the steady albeit mind-bogglingly slow-paced upheaval – leaning it out upon a literary wing curved rather precariously beneath an oh so soothing prayer
These people – the supposed ‘powers-that-be’ – mark me, will eventually start to caress your every word
Get ready to play this all too rigorous game ’til they start to take you to their hearts
Silently worshipping your particularly peculiar, downright contemporary art… may come in many a fashion
Seems you take away what you put in right from the early-doors beginning
When it comes to this hellbent and sometimes seriously tepid passion of ours
A din with aforementioned words – a line, so very much as a quixotic verse, managing to usurp each and every last one of these immediate naysayers as it turns out
Just be sure as gloss-ridden sugar to give them a shout before it’s too late
So you know, fate has no hand in this
Try to be perfectly remiss is all that I will ask of you

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