At simply bewildering, blood-thirsty pace
They’ve each been thrilling male-driven egos to the stored again core
Of their pretty little unsupported worth – yes, it does in fact tremble to achingly hurt when these particular things destroy once upon an untainted being existences
Take a whole lot more, yet give next to nothing, why must we… just
Something peculiarly magical will need to happen outright, occur downright sizably so…
You do know that they’ve been meaning
To pierce these ten such dry-white, shark-darkened eyes swilling mid-everything through your every cuckolded soul?
At Will-fire sprint sent to cause trousers to drop amidst
One million meaningless occasions – the Parisian
‘pants dance at dawn’ to warm away said multi-dysfunctional egos’ stop-start hearts
Husband’s and their insatiable tendencies quenched to repent