Mostly unkind by way of utter nonsensical awareness – their realised and realigned eyes have been vintaged and vantaged, preconditioned by wildfire demise

They. Bravely. Position. Themselves.

To sit, witness, summarise and simply see : a purple and puerile painting brought back to incredulous life
Shorn, shifted and mistakenly plagiarised til but authentically authenticated but for its silent self – One. movement. Of. and. Bewilderingly. inside. A. juvenile. Child’s. mind.

Ten persnickety sneaker-pimped people per early-a.m. independently dependent time
Admires the predisposed souls and poses a most problematically awry and sizeably supernatural threat

The brush-stricken New York City skyline has been … awfully well besieged by blinded and binary time : an artist’s rip-torn, comfortably worn and drenched bottom-dollar basement designed rambling attire can, and will, comfortably illuminate its unsettled self again

Pays for the rent-controlled heat by way of hopscotched, uncontrollable feet

by way of constant remuneration, these unaccountably innumerable caffeine-opinionated conversations, these posthumous living beatnik-bred sensations were meant to bring otherworldly ideas cradled an’ crass by outrageous under-identity

To the coffee-table : of Manhattan table-top dreams and all of it fantastically fabricated and intricately stemmed from agonised aside perfectly misshapen adventure

Their transient transition their monetary, momentary meaning
All of it serendipitous and worshipped by frog-story disguised

It had to be clearly conceptual, or else … they were only ever bothered by only so much as their bare-nak’d selves

These graffiti kids – the ‘Downtown Five-Hundred’ all of it converged

There is no vision but for vision itself, they sincerely lived within/without walls

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