We don’t know about madness but we know all about tragedy / she is thinking about the scores of memories which SORE of their own accord.

Not. A. 1. Word = “for she’s been believing in the battle-hardened ExisTeNce yet again.” Pen. To. Paper = and it’s

All about to go UP in mesmerised smoke(!!) “She uses these eager eyes for LifeScreens Of Quarrelsome Anticipation.” And THAT’S about as good as it can get actually…

Are we doing the bad things to eventually get to the enticed Goodness of A Mixed UPmaze ofA scattered and stashed Master(PEACE)? “but perhaps “YES” and let’s all of us beneficially get effing-well effed-up ON CREDIBLE COCA!NE and {!mmed!ately} edged——out of the dastardly eQuAt!oN a-GA!N.” We’ve admitted to have been..

Whizzing—->on——>by with hella “HELLOS” and hecT!C “GOODBYES”. And she’s nothing and allof the aloofTHINGS and at the grab ANNNNND daaaaaa$$$$$h(… …) mutteringly ‘SUPREME’ same time. Of UTTERLY, utterly

“Argumentative bli$$ please.”