You took me down upon my quivering knees // to please every other part of yourself // the slower my heart starts to race // the more problematic becomes that haphazard smile upon your face // lashings and bare-back beatings to within an inch // blood-soaked // choking out your every falsified religious instance // in the first place // all of this owing to utter homophobia // a need to feed your own lacklustre ego // blind that disgust-filled face // when negligence breathes an equally horrific demeanour on your part // when an under-qualified heart fails to start // we eat what we need to eat // and spit the rest upon a neglected plate // which will always await its very own doggy-bag fate // every single time // thrown to the masses // whilst you and yours let yourselves sip ungodly holy wine // we the ‘lower-classes’ per se // we need to be brave, stave all of it off // ’til this rottenly replicated underbelly remains softer than soft // no longer occurs // nothing but a seriously serene somebody // painted over all too sneakily by cracks-in-the-pavement nobody’s // from the inside all of the way out // needing to breathe a poisonous kind of air // all together // instead of giving you the single finger // we give you five // all of them solidified // and pressed wide-shut

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