These people are high wire insane don’tcha know it

It seems to not at all make any kinds of upright and proper sense whatsoever

Improper if you like. A little how shall we take to saying, outlandishly hurtful upon only ever treasured theirs

See, this outrageously excitable underbelly relishes to fail to realise the utter ineptitude on their high octaned part

Inarticulate and downright negative just be your goddamn self, please…

We are standing right here either way, albeit twiddling our thumbs and ready for the real
she to occur at bespoke none too choked will…

She won’t she though, undertake this absolute ability to be fragrant atop heady – a mesmerising individual indeed

He breathes fair equally until, that is, they catch the crazy kind of olive branch clear their merited eyes and dive immediately
On in

These nasty things need
Not be happening