Radically purposeful, like Jackson on acidic awareness – an iron-will settles monstrously within as we finally realise his guiding eyes
This dependence upon total obscurity and flying by the seat of his drain-splattered pants
Supernaturally sanctified and the drip-drab enjoyment that holds the glorious moments inside of one golden generation
He craved celebrity and celebrated its ways midst his own high-firing, -flying, artistically acquired adultery
And a complicated body of work works its way out, though he never said it in words
Inventing the form of which he is the uncontrollable virtuoso
Taking, bohemian excluding these other lesser people – a remarkably enlightening essay ‘pushed toward entanglement’ inside of his burning bright mind
Is he really a reflection of some of these deep seething conflicts, a shared language of the bandaged human being and we need to know it
A comet doth cometh and transform his storm from idle-wild to unrecognisable again
A question, a never-ending controversial quality sprinkles itself unquestionably within
A rhythmic parade – the knuckles and turns were tremendous
And yes, the range that he had was reckless
Each picture will grow organically
Takes the mundane again and painting it ballet-like insane
Acceptance is unfortunately everything
While we walk on through the rich and complex drama of an incredible life – our own lonely dance at the break of dawn at the basement inside our naked brain