Seriously awash with over-enthused, irregularly unnecessary cranium-waved activity
His sister’s been the same
These people hold all of the answers yet none of the mandatory questions at will
They seemed to appear to have it all only to misplace these silver-doored keys to the castle
Go on, unknowingly lock yourself away
See, this ego-driven, outwardly unjustifiable demeanour stole the whole of their once upon a fantastical time respected being, ’til falling right by a bohemian-jean wearing wayside – the show that we loved to live alongside so dear
Steer yourself away immediately, please, oh Nancy Boy of none too much mine anymore
Soar minus this all too supposed brilliance of yours to have and to regrettably see to hold
Floored outright by a saddeningly cocky alternative world of truly be to God only never yours
There will forever be better on out there, realise such a thing within, remain relatively humble to the family-ties core and, rest-assured, everything can and will play itself back into righteous play once more – restore that oh so goddamn jovial nature which we did indeed sit aside one another to breathe
Downright memory-making, -creating it all up as we swan along
There’s better… then there is detrimentally so, predisposed to cutting off your nose to spite your face
This may be a shock to you, but if you get it to accept it you’ll be fine