The oh so goddamnit good stuff – the freckle sleeping upon her upper cheek which warbles while she speaks

Goddamnit, she even fails to fail to fart when those oceanically inclined eyes close to retreat, about to delicately delay a brand new day on out there – what we subtly call the pardoned wave of a lifetime

How she bleats at a thousand miles per hour, soon as her excitement catches freeze-frame flame and holds
Onto her goddamn everything, beautifully/wonderfully interrupted by my very own many an unspeakably visual thing

When we mean to meet immediately at the desirably enlarged middle … soon as she begins to share my indescribably memorable many a thing

And the sun and moon presume to re-assume to meet at the equally terrific epicenter, and I begin to quench her forever insatiable thirst all over again … until to settle say when makes all kinds of glorious sense – nestled overwhelmingly in-between

The whole-wide-world painted blessedly amidst these eyes-wide-open instances of only ever treasured ours

And to think, something as seemingly ineffective as her most flippantly fleeting slur is every other girl’s perfectly poised everything

My indescribably memorable many a thing … made up of these pretty little idiosyncrasies of hers

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