In spades and buckets and all of the requisite tools of the cliche trade, marking themselves out as realistically BOTH RADICALLY the Greatest Artists knowing
To last.
To scale each peak as though permitted through something otherwise otherworldly and uniquely br… AND NEW!!

We choose who we choose, and “They choose YOU!!”

With sticks and stones and all prone happenings SORDIDLY SENSATIONALISED & synonymous with sarcastic survival they shALL ST(ill) thrive: even when their Minds have maxed out and to the … seventh dimension of realistically fabricated dreams— all of that baloney and bullshit in-between, which people speak of yet NEVER QUITE SEE

Fkwits with thunderous time on their hands and pandering minds. We do mind, just not AT ALL for their over-EXHAUSTIVE SENSE of self-preserved awareness: Pushing themselves to the point of ignorant wherewithal..

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