Not that true but it does feel as though they can’t even find us on Sat Nat!
Ridiculous… as much as preposterous
How it was when Courtmacsherry took all of the sun one weekend
Lashings of the stuff, things ain’t that tough when bad weather takes the hint, decides to subside, does us a long overdue favour and hides
Everyone and their mother gets to enjoy a Bailey’s & ice/a Bulmer’s while watching big boats, the tide roll on by
Peace and quiet of a different kind altogether, owed to the particularly rare weather women appear more beautiful than ever
Legs out, men can’t but ogle even though their eyes remain upon their stout
This isn’t Irish weather, it’s something we never, ever get to do, all too often stuck indoors drinking tea, cooking the cliche Irish stew
If the sun did in fact stay hung like it does in Spain, Costa Rica, if that miserable rain shifted its blame all would be well
Although the drinking will continue either way
And it’s not just the boys who get bold, it’s across the board
Ireland’s just not Ireland, it’s exotic, second to none, Orlando in the summertime
A furnace of God damn sunshine sublime