On something of a run right now
The poetry’s enjoyable to the last
Might even go as far as to say something of a blast
Banked a fair few in the last two days
They do come & go
Like a good woman
Leave you chewing for a time
But just around the corner there’s another poem that takes you on home
No limit to my endeavours
I feel
Because this is so God damn real
Something I love
Perhaps it may just have been sent from above
But when will I get inside a book of sorts
Take myself to the next level
A little short of Heaney & I’ll be happy out
Some publisher might just need to wake the hell up
Give me a shout
Will this be what one might call a fruitless pursuit
Will I miss out on the big time owed to my rhyme
I can find another job
A real one
One that doesn’t care all that much for the pun
Fill my time before returning on home
To a smoke, a coffee, a rhyme
Or not
Either way
I’m all too prepared right now to give this thing one helluva shot
It’s sunny outside
I no longer feel the need to hide
A certain degree of pride about me
Keep my head in the sand & the poems will step up to the plate
Go about causing the literary world to erupt