It’s the inhuman clusterf***, the international utterance of amalgamated words – “and why weren’t we so very SURE ANYMORE(?) about the

Bleeding nature of our nocturnal delight(!)” How have we not DARED to iNtErRuPt them enough times now..

To allow them fall by all our wanderlust waysides.. slip~~sliiiiide and reprise the role of a toll-free lifetime.

There’s a serious question simmering…. which needed answering, and we SEEM.. bound-to-fail at understanding
“How a human ‘masterpiece’ CAN IN F(act) take… unenviable sHaPE.”

Hip, hip… HOORAYYYY(!!!) “They seem to say the silliest kinds of gamely things, Don’t they though.” Won’t they(?)

Faaaaar rather to sit and s-i-f-t—-> > > through a million memories of Dostoyevskian Intelligence …

and inevitABLY+stand suddenly so very colossally stILL, with

“Their wits a MERE MOTHEReffing mouthwatering percentage away from being spliiiit at the

Edged frays….
Of UtOpIa, actually.” Such was the hike to steal back their Pepsi~Cola life, the highest HIKE
On eARTh…. … ..

To see the rest of OUR TiLteD world for f-r-€-€(..)