Gently well bent, upsetting and sequential in sneaking sequence all in one glorious grow – basically, we need ourselves to be nuts
Industrial piss and all of these things.

We’ve been redefining categorisation for most of our lives
Immersed in our own oblong obsessions.
Tried, tired and tested whilst we go it alone – black soot and rubber-lipped people with lupus
If only, when only we could ever let themselves breathe, not bleed and all of this amidst the vultural revolution, revolving doors and all events left persnickety well driven.

Japan has been opening on up, whispers to the touch of black and snide-eyed pain, a draining shameless system if you will drill the land that sent us so daft.

How’s about we set up tents, by a river in Tokyo … deliriously pent-up and with visits from hard-nosed aliens landing and as our perceived and imagined audience – pissed off and telling us exactly how it is that they see our earth.

An exploding car, certainly circumstantial and decidedly unmarked
Able to turn straw into gold aligned tapestry, and we get to let ourselves make upside-down art and play again.

Pretend if we will … they do say that our main claim to fame was the implosion within our seven-billion brains.

Rice paper and cardboard cutouts of our heavenly perceived selves, all of these things that set us miserly apart, had a bargaining heart once upon a long lost laugh – no boundaries brave enough so it means to seem to be all of it …
Mysteriously make-believe at being pretty lacklustre and creatively fucked up all in one go … go, go – and relish the never-ending return to someplace so very extraordinarily special.
That long-lasting contrast between flowers and disaster
Characteristically unexpected.
A brand new ceiling of David & Goliath paintings
Pains me to say it, to see it, yet I’m compelled to respond.
The refugees are real and they are curdling and bleeding at the bend and the break of their dilapidated knee
Heart-attacks that matter more than anyone knows.
Perhaps we are Basquiat at being real
Rebels, rebels and with too many causes to count – midst an iced instance and the wolves are running, coming.

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