We were actually acutely promising ourselves the whole wide and seriously treasured world. We were even very nEARLY DEDICATING THE TIME — to all our feared-most, outlandish and abstracted equivalence/s. Maybe there’s always a ((BETTER!!)) way.. to see and try and C-r-Y and alter this theatrical thing of utmost unawares… ahem, awareness. And that taste sniggers AND it will s-n-e-e-r(!!) Hard~as~hella~happenstance(..), actually.

Because.. and they do know where it is, that it’s been impossible to decipher pragmaticallyBetweenBeing:: hella~EnThUsiaStiC and u-t-t-e-r-l-y On Top of being Atop+ItAll. “We wish to f-a-l-l, actually —>> about as effing faaaaaarrther THAN

we ever canBefore. These people of admittedly addictive cOmEdiC PeRsoNaLitY tRaIts( and other strangely addictive Sub-Stances ) .

Even when::: we do strategically sHuDdEr to read it outLOUD.. . They seem to sHaKe lIkE a LeAf Whenever WEspeak. .. at a pleasantly pace of snail~paced equilibrium, whatever the hell that coined combination of things EVEN means