They just didn’t think to comprehend this very level of verbosely OVERopinionated and overextended emotion, this felt/tip feeling… of… rather eye-imprinting enticement Of the mind.

Awhile, the shy, shallow skies shALL open-to-p(OUR), as said MIND f-i-n-d-s the time- to search AND FIND

… itself holistically and ironically via ALL of these… modern-day, much-ado-about-nothing anyMORE, mixed/up and StEaDy=fAcEd moments

Created courtesy of every single next breath Of (our) OVER-expressive poets.
Attempting, someHOW… for that EVERLASTING… IS: to settle their VERY own (SeNSe Of) wildfire DeMoNs…

as per (un)UsUaL, ONLY it does NOT appear to ACTually be… …

All that very usual whatsoever At-All anyMORE. Comfortably both Conscientiously c-A-l-C-u-L-a-T-e-d and fighting/FIT

That WISH(wisely!) to g-r-a-s-p at

A (sing)ular sense of sullen and worn/away reality, PLEASE, is…

to please themSELVES “regardLESS of the impending meSs!”

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