They were dancing with dual dystopian~ship for the SAKE of acting— courteously contextual AND Oft times correct // when the

Cheese gets itself ((ADMITTEDLY)) squeezed that is INDEED: “how we all will feel.” About as far from wondrous as humanly imaginable

There’s this place

called complete BarGaininG. With these disenfranchised, although heavily-responsive people who

Appear sliced off at the EaR; these mAdlY Van Gogh adult~wannabes- where theY(!?) go is As Good As Any Man’s EleventhHOUR-gUess(!) It’s rATher a perplexing thing to’ve

… done the dance, worn the sleeves off of the admittedly serene tSHIRT.. “and hurt their own eyes too many times.”
In a nutshell…. “they spell danger in the words which we read.” And what if(???) it is a TALE

Greater than even the deepest TraGedY on this earth – submerged inside of her angular eyes , her mammoth mind
Because if we do SCREAM LOUDLY enough,

“Then we might just get to hear the E-C-H-O inside of said mind reverberate (!!! !)”