They do though, crazy amounts, in fact; enough to really go about placing a certain degree of unsuspecting pressure upon me
Finally, way I see it, something of a win-win
I mean, I’m so very relieved to say it but this is most definitely less about the money, far more about the rhyme… sure is it not just the thing that has me up all of the day, all of the jaded night
And, of course, then there is the rest of the tick-tock, tick-tock clock altogether?
You see, I’m something of a serious jet-setter, up inside of my mind at least
Has taken me to London then Rome, as far off as Gay ol’ Paris, on out of touch entirely with my kind of reality – San Francisco and the mighty likes
Gimme a mic. and I swear to God, I’ll start to wax lyrical
Prepare myself to dress the part, dash completely across those sprinkled stars that lie all over your once oh so cold-shoulder
‘Til getting to cycle right through your particular vision of the moon
By the by, I ain’t no E.T., seems you will need to meet me right at the middle
For I am but a scribbler

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