That they most certainly did
So it seems I am now on the skids
Lost the love of my godforsaken life, so much as my beautiful kids
Peeled away from me rather immediately
In the blink of a cold morning Alaskan judiciary eye
Why, oh why!!
For I did absolutely nothing wrong
Their Mum the one who drank like a fish, leaving them utterly confused before painstakingly bewildered
Think of the children!!
You step on in and make your wayward decision
A system so far from even bordering upon precision of any kind
And now this one such father needs to find his own way
All over again
I have my pen and, if needs be, I will write to the masses of people prepared to mediate all in my every honour
Then, one rather problematic situation seems to have somehow, anyhow, settled its way on in
See, I also have my beer
Too many to count, in fact
Way I see it, right this very minute I myself can either sink or swim

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