They’ve bolstered their bare naked brains back together yet again, and they did it how(?!) “But actually by qualifying AND quantifying” their wrought-iron minds.. ahem, back together again. It’s cyclical and sickeningly abstract actually(!) And the Questionings Have Been Keeping Themselves… corrupt, indeed……. .

Only NO-ONE(!!) seems to see OR f-e-e-l —-

too fara——>WAY from this particular thing. There’s a mEaNderIng kink AND A KICK IN THE LooSelY mAnOeUvRiNG oF taLe…

of verbosely fitful emotion— and there WAS an ((ACTual)) ocean. And it WAS definitely

((Defiantly)) a-g-e-d and acting of its own outcast accord; the windUP OF words HAVE to have been readying Themselves (YET AGAIN) And Awaiting…

Just such another state.. of DEpersonalised PROprietorship. “With this pen, they simply appear to have forgotten wherein they LIVE THIS TIME. And that’s perfectly fInE(!?)”

As they call the time on yet another bottle of DAFTly AwRy ReD WhinE