I will lean in, prepare to wholesome stare and prepare their every wanderlust, trust-filled many things
Did we come at it from the exact same position, I have to ask you this, albeit our seriously perched upon perspectives incredibly separated
By time aside unequalled peripatetic analysis – travelled this righteously wide world of ours, we did indeed tend to breathe in a most flamboyantly set to sedate no less manner of ten accent speaking
Tweaked the constant lives immediately on through each of us
As I plea to say, trust in me to forever see All Of We
Something otherworldly ethereal wrapped aside sincerely gifted to lead outright
Sprightly, sentimentally stitched to the others upright wayside
Peel my travailed eyes wide and open to insatiable thirst, please bear with me
You took my very nearly everything, made this lavish boy extraordinaire sing a songbird song in final solemn salute to the entire maddening, love-infested system
Teed it on up so soon as you saw me coming atop hot wheels – to steal one prioritised man’s threatening extracurricular activity
To settle the soul to sit alongside and jovially agree to Be
I do tend to watch my whisper whilst I say such a tremendously dangerous thing, but seems we’ve been tapestried