They train their minds and hearts and all things extracurricular and ScintilLATEd til sprinting at pace.. to taste

This blessed SENSE of intricately played-out manoeuvring of mAnNeRiSm, as ALL of this gets to be PlAyFuLlY ‘plagiarised’, prearranged and created courageoUSly amidst us via: The roaming networks of a nonstop, bewitched, bewildered, OFTtimes belittled Brain.

By these gnatty little vitriolic people who dared to s-t-a-r-e too troublesomely and outlandishly HARD inside of their intrepidly suggestive souls.

Sometimes.. only NEVER, NOT-QUITE!! all of the time

As their magnified and MoDiFiEd heARTS stART to both magnificently and magnetically m-e-a-n-d-e-r til both DUTIFULLY acquisitioned and ACCUSTOMED BENEFICIALLY toward /

This… SECONDary sense of… SINGular and SERIOUSLY Sophisticated inner-sanctioned bliss—

is this it?! Is it really ALL that they wish to have became… …

Applauded in their own SENSE of time ONCE put upon: A Hurtling, twirling, WhIrLiNg eARTh?

And it CAN, and Shall, AND conscientiously WILL cause ALL aforeMENTIONED peripheral People

To inevitABLY sit.. sHuT-THEMSELVES-uP as required and presume to ASSUME… …

An upSTANDING POSITIONING… again? Or for the first time n(ever), ever perhaps.

To relax… and RELEASE rather than to RIOTOUSLY r-e-l-i-n-q-u-i-s-h……… their fondest, DEEPEST, Favourite-best SINS – –


And distantly glad-ragged and ENHANCED by the MiGhT of hindsight hilarity, perhaps, perCHANCE, per Dostoyevskian DANCE… ..

One BRAND NEW and imaginatively IMProved step-per-artisticALLy-prepped-time: Why the heck not.

“Let Themselves officially Become, Became.. Whichever really, officially mf* Inundated- –

And about to be— Beautifully Besotted By

ALL of nothing, really!”

Because she’s been twiddling her THUMBS ‘til shared sparingly between: that of the finger-licking encyclopaedia and a bottle of good-old-ghostly Rum—- “YUUUUUM!!!”

As her lips Become Besotted with this

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