These people spent their time telling derogatory and upside down lies to the right kinds of wrongfully opinionated PeOpLe sometimes: same insanely suggestive imbeciles who REALLY should-have-sealed their VERY-own beLATEd fate-

By unaccountably A-c-t-i-n-g the AbSoLuTe MaGgOt And for WHAT EXACTLY?!

Other than to FEEL a little TINY big BiT some-kinds-of-suitABLY SANE again!
With their fashion face-FORWARD and FULL-OF-THEMSELVES.

But they AIN’T: at least not in a justified inSTANCE: Of stay-aWaKe care for those who dearly do attest to try to ATTEMPT…

To remain nothing but for.. enthusiasticALLy attentive people amid t(his) outRIGHT UPPER-ECHELON-kind of…

“mEeT-mE iN-tHe-MiDdLe” Self=Belief

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