It is a PossIbiliTy that their actual probabilities made much “MORE(!)” than NEVER before advantageous SeNse. It’s evens Stevens and it’s certainly

An unforgiving feeling of being… l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y lopsided in the mind, actually(!) “We are acting one hundred perCENT worth our weight in

Shadow-casting intelligence, perhaps. It’s understandable to’ve undertaken a whole lotta Hellish CircuMstances just to eventually both inevitably Get— -> to the

Other side of violated interests.” Up ‘Til… … then and when(?) they seem to’ve joined in in their very own self defiant GaMe.. of

Acrimonious moments.. indeed(!) When being fRe€ of BrAiN(deRANGED) takes a million avenues of Mindy find = it’s an impossible ProBaBility, though, to’ve broken their brains. And followED their own intuition anyway.

SparkLing at the seaMs they seem to get goIng time again/— in their own aforementioned LoPsiDeD way. Annnnd…. If there IS a chaos in the MAKEup of creation then… “so be it, maybe(?!)”