They’ve been creating a state of serene and non judgemental inebriation so as to quickly became these past the point of TeNsE and TrEmBlIng PeOplE of

Identifiable ability, indeed(.) “The who and where and WHY(?!) the f*ck on earth does not seem to matter anyMORE, although— otherwise..”

Their eyes and mind have been: inconclusive about a million living bReAthINg Beating And Beautifully beRATINGthings. And it IS rather (far fetched and)fUnNy and with a dose of

Dostoyevskian-BAD+luck, j-u-s-tHOWf*ckedUP(!!) it all canBecome. “Yes!” Over and out: SirANDlady Lancelot…

“Ye two do appear to have had a mildness of MINDtoMatter.. to someone somewHEr€(?!?!?) though(!!)” w-a-s THAT-need to+kNOw..

Just how typically rambunctious they all appear to have apprehended themselves to have been; and YETagain:: it is a Coke&rUmExistence, even-IF(..)

“We’ve permitted them toRemain eagle minded andSteadilyBothSteadfastly a-w-a-r-€ and jaded— as to the utter Lazine$$ of their VERTY own

Bones” – blue collarRESILIENCE, so ITseems, and DEMONSTRATIVELY-decorated-in-bodaciousNESS, actually

and, for sure.. as p-u-r-e and PRAGMATIC AS –

-a hElTeRSkElTeR masterpiece which hides its ownFace
from the heavenly both HEAVING light outside. Waiting for a state of fate to take suddenly sHaPe.