This HAD TO HAVE been the deal of an age-old, worn-and-torn decade: these pecu(LIAR) pepperings of mEaNdeRinG moments courtesy of these (diagnosis-decimation) people that have ABLY managed to

deSigN it ALL by, AND FOR, themselves, that stressed and idiosyncratic level of unTHINKable STRENGTH now. As all ties become beautiFULLY unbounded yet again and…

HERE they w-i-l-l get to GO(!)—-..
With their said mEaNdEriNgS of hahahahaha-mindsets SET at a serene and giving, blissFULLY (PRE-)rearranged LEVEL

— of overexposed therApy. Indeed, they seem to want to wish for their spick-and-span, brAND-new and terrifiCALLy trustworthy theory-of-BrAiN

To BEGin to inevitably(thankChrist) make perfectly imPERFECT, actually, seams of delirium-SCHEMED Sense of things.

… for the 1st-time EVER, perhaps(!?) Their Kaiserslautern lapse in circulating concentration IS:—
Whatever the hell it may w-i-s-h ((for itself)) to be

From HERE-on-In: circumnavigating they Globe with all of their HOPE, it seems that, finally, their smiles

Have been tWiStinG tHeMseLveS ThE wRonG-WaY-right(!!)