Her ability to sky-rocket truly was a whole lot beneficial, the glad-ragged, symmetrically choreographed Bolshoi theatre finally permitting her every single thing – these silkened silhouette pirouettes otherworldly, trained to a focal point, truly were a bridge above
Then came a rather immaculate shove in the audience’s notably fixated direction
Discretion only ever occurring via a compliant and rather instrumental setup – perhaps an altogether hushed whisper upon their each snd every wealthily bejewelled wicker ear
She will point these crooked toes wholly downward ’til once again re-creating an age-old story intricately coated in hope and an all too courageous re-telling of glory
Which will continue to garner crazy comparison in the next to near future – half-hearted attempts at best, also-rans tear-driven into crazy kinds of submission by copious degrees of fret
Truth told, their equally bloodied toes pose no real comparison
An alarming threat to the entire bespectacled system if we let them
Right now the swashbuckling and fair dynamic feast was never so very gloriously hosted in all of its precious albeit at the exact same time precarious life
Predisposing and disarming
Suppose we no longer choose to take it entirely upon ourselves to ignorantly disguise these trembling smiles

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