Least I thought they should
And there would’ve been relative reason
Unless, of course, I could meet them right in the middle with my unequivocal rhyme
After all, seems to be the all too hardened case right here for no real rhyme, no goddamn reason
Delicately told stories, unfolding before their very eyes
One creativity-filled line at a time
The perfect literary mind-prison of sorts, perhaps?
Or so one can only hope
Some have even gone as far as to compare my work to little snippets of films
And, trust me, I am unbelievably thankful for that
Supposed bravery on my part, to shake it all off, step on up to the local stage – small but oh so beautiful – and wax lyrical
Procedure second-to-none, running entirely on imagination
Tim Burton-esque engine
Supposedly, once more, a sensational ability to paint a picture courtesy of just my pen
Never, ever needed a thousand words either
Breathing some kind of life on into these aforementioned snippets – mesmerisingly equipped, or so they continue to believe
Although I ain’t too sure
Stripped my own mind bare, snared enough people in the beginning to go all over again
Course, then, there will be those few too many who just don’t get it and that is, in all honesty, quite alright
I’ll remain up all the night, my particular mind taking rather fancied flight ’til getting to set fire to that blank canvas page
So, take it however you might like; a certain degree of rage, maybe
Even so much as a terrifyingly grotesque-driven turmoil
Or, as awe-inspiring as downright delight
Have it on rather good authority that you might just like it when you least expect it

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