Maybe it will all fall fantastically apart and IMAGINE JUST THAT THING TO HAPPEN, and at wonderfully both WhImSiCaLlY fuCkEdUP pace, they’ve been counting down their minus-ing of Minutiae Minutes and Hours NOW

And acting, actually— rather comatose and GENERALLY THESE— have a HEart people; with bliss and mentally TwiStEd self-courage, we have..

Advanced and at a most ridiculously RAPID AND r-a-m-p-a-n-t pace of bullishly brilliant game —

Guess what, though. Our minds ARE in-FACT j-u-s-t that thing, of outRAGEously antagonised geniUS. “Why?” Fucksake because.. the war on mindful MENtality has

Actually developed AND DESTROYED US all— and why have we singlehandedly SURVIVED(??!) But ALL because: What Had To Have Come At Us Before Has Reopened A

Just SUCH anOTHER brAnD n-e-w door// keyhole: “j’adore(!!)” Rembrandt’s and other finely-tuned and transformative souls – they have to stroll for now

— As their minds try and matter again, to only ever themselves