They’re talking about a masterful manipulation of abstracted and ultimately jovial Faced Art that appears a rather transgression-all thing

Throughout these centuries
Heavily depending upon people’s sense of sacrificial antagonism when it came to their however-they-may-well-be-WiRed mInds

This is a singular person’s developmental sense of momentary both monetary Gain, and that is NOT AN ATTEMPT at fingering the system, at simply figuring it out to have been

Anything other than- a masterful invention of ManiPulatIon of its own(steed and reckoning).

What if, though, All of the ActualArt lies merely within ALL of our DUTIFULLY dishevelled and beat back/brown wrapped package politicians; our opinions and answer-see-kings were

A thing of endless and pointlessly expressive ENDeavour

Read the words, read the patches of hard dried Paint again/ do it, WIT(h) a beer to your distrACTed face… faint inside of an old and worn out NONfigurative picture

An ImAge of tWiSted AND UPSIDE DOWN—- “bliss!”

It doesn’t NEED a wrecking ball at the centre to leave it with a selection of skeletons of cities with DerElICTioN on its streets —

Searching for searing heat and artistically ambivalent maLnutrition: their paintrush IS a mindPRISON And that is exactly why, the eyes of a masterpiece lie

“Inside of a homeless and worn down OLD man with blood(and alcohol) on his hands

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