There’s a love-in happening and we cannot seem to cop ourselves the effingHELL-On, actually,
Any more thanEverBefore.. “this irregular need-to-be: above anything else was

Growing its own sOURce of (NASTY-minded) wingspan – matter of fact – actually(!!)”
To tighten the whole-wide-thing INSTRUMENTALLY together will take

Probably, “a most dutifully frightening level of self sacrificial.. irregularity indeed.” They were talking AMIABLY amongst themselves again when the rest-of-the-remainder of their hApPiNeSs Of fRiEnDs

Were sending themselves wildly=oBlIvIoUs again… and ALL-OF-THEM on foul-mInDeD cocaine.

Ain’t such a shamefaced endorsing of ENTITLED endeavOUR except, of course, toSadlySay —

For that 1man who lost his mind at the temple-of-doom— NO ROOM for anythingELSE ANYMORE other than..

A sniff against the grain- “as the Brain loses its way… .” As those who KNOW ((him well)) will sIMPLY s-n-e-e-r

In the face of HIDDEN adversity and say: “UTTERLY-nothing.”