1/The utter diplomacy of a wideAWAKE masterpiece and its vivacious Ability to Be:: eagle-eyed, -EARED, AND extremely a-w-a-r-e(!!)

2/As we take the talent of EAGER-easel again and… l-e-a-n ourSELVES IN..

3/Almost very nEARLY(!!) forbidden, albeit, by the SURE-FACED conclusion, it would’ve been RATHER UNREASONABLY RUDE——-))

4/To have failed to ride THAT particular waveOfArtistic Merit; and it IS a fairly.. idiosyncratic Thing, actuALLy, if we w-i-l-l let it be ——>>

5/Epically Spontaneous AND SELF-sponsoredBY US ALL(..)

AGAIN… this IS NOT for the, Ahem, weak-MiNdEd pEoPle, nor -heARTed for that matter, in-so-far-as

Their eyes C-A-N rIoToUsLy realign

Themselves together— to both call ANDCAUSE the turning and TUNING-IN of tImE to bring-with-it ITS VERY OWN ((personal)) sense of

—inner-developMENTAL foreSIGHT.