They’ve been thinking and it’s been a helluva hoopla for certain- a plain downright ostracising thing of unidentifiable tumult of their time

To tenderly fall inside of Their hardening, sweat/ARISEN pillow-case times a million

Is to wish it ALL away! “Please.” With each next mind/insulting whisper within, comes an OUTWARD and defenceless ScReAm!!

They’ve been.. breaking the insides of the mechanisms of their beautifully expressive living seething brains to sIMPLY r-e-m-a-i-n:

Appearing to be. Appearing to We, to be alive and…”Well?!”

Hardly ever. In-FACT: they would take ALL OF IT back in a nonstop and uncontrollable heartbeat

To meet with their past-tense person only minus this strengthening sense of…

Future-tense, Tensely Thought-out OVERthInKinG

Yes, it has unanimously-both-unequivocally been a rather strangely fucked/UP ENDEAVOUR
Of inhumane pain(what a barefaced Shame to have had to watch themselves Waste Away…

While their simultaneous mind finds the time… to cReAte, ceaselessly, this unforgettable sense of stately artistic demonstration)

Even if these DemOnS(!) WILL st(ill) R-O-A-R “like NEVER BEFORE!” When resistance meets shatter-crashing pain meets with this “God/given” sEnSe of equilibrium atop of the page
That ain’t no mother fucking God, just a self/made divine intervention with oneself

“Naaaah!!!” They just mother fucking Delved like most people cannot even wish upon their depressed sense of self

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