Weapons maybe of brass-faced demonstration. Maybe, though, she’s been involved in much-too-many events to experience anything else inside of her

HEllA HecTiC Head(!) They cannot creAte cautious interplay for no whole rEasoN anymore, cannot even make epically upside~tWiSteD in-roads on “Where the **** To Go(?)” He wants

Another shot at pure and utter understanding, a mesmerised hand, even stILL, in making his management of something sent widely-wickedly AND twiSteD ‘tIl fLiPpED vice-versa…

Make… Eventual Sense: “to someone, somehow.” If we were truly able to toy with glorious levels of deconstruction inside of these aforesaid MESMERISED HEADS — but “WHO(?) said it last and WHEN(??)” — then maybe we’d have been equally able to

++ stand on our own TWO FEET and glare at the wash-over way A Million People Too Many Think.