Glasses – check
Notepad, pen and paper – check
Yourself on into Warren Allen Collections for a quarter to nine
Get to watch ’em swarm one disinterested soul at a peculiar time
‘Til they may eventually come to completely understand this one such poet to be in it for the long haul
Taking their each and every seat, they grit their so suddenly eager teeth
Next a friendly local musician takes it entirely upon himself to bang out a subtle beat
Causing them all to rap their feet in line
Then, he hands it right on over to you
Time now for the main show…
Prepared to stand tall, you take Hickey’s advice and direct your fixated eyes against a back wall
Where the grandfather clock gets to take absolute stock
Tick… tick, tock
And it seems to have lost its very own beat if only for a moment, but you still harper on
A swansong dedicated to one such comedic genius – namely Robin Williams
“Oh Captain! My Captain!”
Seems even Walt Whitman is watching over you
So choose your words oh so carefully, deliver majestically
When did you ever think, as much as dream, for the chance of a lifetime
To sit it out, dine in a most poetic manner of speaking – quite literally – with these people you only ever see traipsing the street!?
Seems it may just lie within you to blow the whole thing wide open
We’ll keep an eager eye out
Now that you have us all, we’ll be sure to let you know