Steady and resting ready – the precursor where it all makes drunken sense

Sensual aside absolutely permitted
This is the fever to set fire to all other memories
Relentless, sometimes more off than not reckless – there’s a pair of three of us in this
Triangle is my favourite shape, where two lines meet at the middle
Where the misshapen thing makes improper sense again of its sordidly set self
Forgetful? It’s a captured happenstance, indeed
Breathe between the liquid and soggy evteriored cigarette which has crawled its way back into readied ammunition again
Jealous? You should and could be…
Join us, please
And bite the whip-smart bullet, make it easy

You do the equation if you will
Set. To. Seed.
Improper misconduct and we dive right in

Invisibly brilliant, drinking, shrinking violent whip-smart within

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