An unfashionable person, yet her mind realigns and plays with the burgeoning-ly twisted, dishevelled and distanced time

These fashion-forward people are rude at being interrupting and wear their divisive heartstrings right by cauterised eyes for timid, intimate creation

She feels a little or a whole lot otherworld-y at being barbarically pressurised into doing something so very far from her dreams of once-upon-a-comfortable-yesteryear

mile-a-minute amidst one falsified freeze-frame s-m-i-l-e

Ten per time – tugged, pulled and pouring her photo-shop story throughout this angst-arisen, -ridden, teenage world of yours

Welcome, dearest prepubescent girl, to this city of maladjusted mirrors …

Why could she not have just been u.g.l.y.

With her own personable I-D
And all
Courtesy of
A beautiful mind for realigned misogyny – her brand new money-making stares are all of them aimed at their sidebar vision/peripheral imprisonment

Sent to her via Anna Wintour – those who can’t teach reach for the
Sordid in-between …

Was this world of ours really made for the beautiful people!?

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