He crunches a puffer jacket together and gets to sitting
When Dunnes Stores finest becomes a makeshift shrine, of many a night actually
The city – his guarded part anyhow – has seemingly come out to play with him
Stars shine in all of the correct places and people start to whisper good whispers
His trusted guitar might just appear happier than it’s ever been, the cracked hollowed-out centrepiece really beginning to push that envelope right now, however
Too much acoustic open-space and the songs are asking for it, begging for a much earned break again and again
He is certain to keep a careful watch on this particular landscape in and of itself, whilst brushing up on his skills all along, tapping the bouncing and echoic base to eschew in new styles one concentrated eye per time – these passing people are his ultimate judges, no two ways, his nimble, albeit smoke-tainted fingers his intricate reprieve
They see nothing but hear almost everything – subconsciously dancing right alongside him
A little or a whole lot of money for that matter might be quite nice, just enough to take himself and his precious belongings off to Starbucks – can’t beat a bubbling hot black coffee served to him by the beautiful Spanish staff member to settle this precarious soul for awhile
Her soft, pixie-like characteristics are attempting to subtly make it inside his next great masterpiece
They’ve been flirting, noticeably so, stealing a piece of the other’s evening as they go through the seismic weeks the city does tend to offer them both
The city can, of course, wait, always will do, it is the red carpet of shoddy and worn sorts to his inevitable rise to stardom it seems