With his lens trimmed and seriously appearing to be what’s particularly pretty, to within a magnificent inch – gleaming at the stupendously gleaned surface – he soon realises that he just must let himself replicate these fantastically boundless stories of old
Press rewind then pause in a matter of freeze-frame minutes time again – bold and beautiful resilience aside an absolute astute whereabouts
One man and his fiercely trapping camera, for only the right reasons, of course – steadily armed and about to amount to sizeably everything coaxed in rather glorious folklore
Take this living, breathing, magnificently behemoth and altogether scenic thing to another such level, peculiarly bespoke, romantically choke these devoted actors stood to one side into their equally own steady preparation – rain-soaked all along, make them work for their mouthwatering worth, why don’t you just?
A sensational ability to ply their multi-faceted trait ’til fate gets to play the piercing card – these surprisingly soft eyes will cry a thousand times over, undeniably so, when something quite perfect gets to amount to everything quite spectacular
All of it seeming to nestle within the press of an index finger

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