Settled, say when you may need for all of us to make absolute sense
Perhaps this has been your favourite day of the rest, stress a forlorn, foregone conclusion, wriggled right by the tender wayside immediately on out of here – so far from reach it really has to be the most pretty sight in this whole unknowing world of ours, curse these envy-laden little reprobates with jealously swarmed upon so ear-achingly strong
To steer these seriously insidious metaphorical snakes away from what is miraculously heaven-sent – poisonous surroundings a thing of your shuddering past
Any more of aforementioned, No Thanks, yet cheers for asking!
Sit here and prepare to smoulder to quench every single passing man’s quite lovelorn, unrequited-at-first thirst – they just must have simply set out to witness you coming on the hottest wheels known to be seen – you do make the organised catwalk appear to be a complete and utterly out-of-tune substitute for your very own stroll set to cajole these particular shark-eyed souls // carrying bleeding hearts to separate them apart
When pristine mixes to unequivocally match – seems to me you hatched a most beautifully tapestried plan from the earmarked beginning
Now, please sit with just me ’til we get to finally see?
Live a little, take a lot
I will, rest-assured, root you to my very own equally tapestried spot